WFAS 2020 International Symposium on Acupuncture-Moxibustion

25-26 September, 2020 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

25 september

Opening ceremony & Keynotes

Main Venue
Before 9.30
Opening ceremony
coffee break
Keynotes (20mins*5)
Liu Baoyan:
International Research status of Acupuncture and moxibustion
Zhang Qi:
Implementation of WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023
Yu Wenming:
Development status of traditional Chinese Medicine in China
Emiel van Galen:
2020: from a decade of milestones to a decade of challenges
Shen Yuandong:
Development of TCM international standardization in ISO
Before 9.30
VIP room
  • The representative of the World Health Organization
  • Chinese Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports of the Netherlands
  • Director of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China
  • Mayor of Amsterdam

25 september

Symposium: Clinical practice of TCM acupuncture and moxibustion

(20 min per session)


Main Venue (CN/EN)
Zhang Daning(China):
Clinical experience of TCM treatment of chronic kidney diseases
Fu Songqing (Japan):
NeiJing & NanJing “ Pulse regulating Acupuncture and its clinical application
Zheng Junpeng (China):
Zheng’s traditional Acupuncture method and its Clinical Application
Fu Zhonghua (China):
From FSN Point of View to Revaluate the Essence of Qi and Blood of TCM
coffee break
Yu Yun (Spain)
Cancer treatment with acupuncture based on pulse diagnosis
Zhu Miansheng (France)
Analysis of Energy Field Mechanism of Acupuncture Time Acupoints Space
Yang Guanhu (US)
Experience in using traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture to control blood sugar and peripheral neuritis
Chen Yunhe (China)
Application of Taisu pulse method and Jiugong acupuncture method in the treatment of insomnia and hypertension
Zheng Weidong (China)
Treatment of allergic rhinitis with “7 Chest Needles” technique according to holographic acupuncture concept
Emerald Room (EN)
Yair Maimon(Isreal)
Oncology TCM research and treatment, including acupuncture and herbal formulas
Ineke van den Berg (Netherlands)
Safety issues and (cost)effectiveness of moxa and acupuncture-type interventions to correct breech presentation
Keiko Ogawa-Ochiai (Japan)
The efficacy of acupuncture, Contact Needle Therapy (CNT), on peripheral blood flow of the skin
Johanna Biemans (Netherlands)
Acupuncture at the Integrative Oncology Department Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, The Netherlands
coffee break
Thomas Meyer (Germany)
Palpation of subcutaneous connective tissue and acupuncture in physical therapy
Li Jie (Netherlands)
Understanding of Alzheimer’s Diseases in Modern Medicine and Possible Treatment of Accent Ling Shu Jing Acupuncture
Amir Hooman Kazemi (Iran)
Special Acupuncture Techniques for Cosmetic and Skin Rejuvenation
Giovanardi Carlo Mari (Italy)
Bleeding in clinical practice
Sabrina Pinard (France)
Treatment of Acne with TCM
G102 (CN/EN)
Decheng Chen (US)
Motion Acupuncture for Pain
Su Huachang (US)
Study on pathogenesis of tension headache
Wen Tsung-Kai (Taiwan, China)
Application of Wen’s modern acupuncture (Integration of modern medicine with traditional acupuncture )
Wang Defeng (France)
Clinical efficacy analysis of themal acupuncture in treating calcific tendinitis in 100 cases of 5 different joints
coffee break
Linda Hao (US)
Scalp Acupuncture Treating Children’s Neurological Disorders
Chen Luquan (China)
Clinical reaserchon treating Rhinitis by puncturing sphenopalitineganglion
Huang Guojian (Canada)
Mini Ren Acupuncture is a Necessary Technicality for Abroad Acupuncturist to Treat Soft Tissue Injury Pain & Nerve Entrapment
Chen Yemeng (US)
Acupuncture Treatment for Whiplash-Associated Disorder (WAD)
Lu Biao (US)
Acupuncture treatment of thyroid dysfunction
Taiji training:
Fu Xueli (US)
Cheng Lijun (DE)
Xie Yuhong (UK)
Sun Luxia (NL)

26 september

Symposium: Clinical practice of TCM acupuncture and moxibustion

(20 min per session)


Main Venue (CN/EN)
Wang Yongzhou (France)
Structural research on the Integrated Triple Energiser and its role in treatment with Cheeks Acupuncture
Yu Weidong (Canada)
Progress in TCM treatment of retinitis pigmentosa( 1999-2019)
Wu Hanqing (China)
Treatment of encephalopathy and neck and back pain with TCM tendon and bone method in 14 meridians
Fang Yigong (China)
Acupuncture treatment and case registration study of premature ovarian insufficiency (POI)
Huang Xiaochun (Danmark)
Illustration of the three-dimensional acupuncture system in the Chinese medicine classic “Lingshu” (Maraculous Pivot)
Coffee break
Song Zhenzhi (China)
Clinical application of Shanggu acupuncture manipulation techniques
Yang Jinsheng (China)
Clinical and Mechanism Study of Acupuncture Quit Smoking
Hou Xianbing (China)
Experience of professor JIA Chun-sheng in rapid analgesia by subcutaneous penetration needling of auricular acupuncture
Lu Zhipeng (Macao, China)
Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Research and Cluster Analysis of chronic gastritis
Cui Xiufang (Canada)
Acupuncture treatment of thyroid disorder
Zhou Zhongyu (China)
Acupuncture treatment of obesity
Zeng Shizong (Australia)
The characteristics of eczema and Analysis of 320 cases of eczema treated with Wanshitang
Guo Chunbiao (Italy)
The chanism and Application of Scalp Acupuncture treatment for hemiplegic sequelae due to cerebral apoplexy
Lu Xin (UK)
Treating Organ (Over-drying) by Head Acupuncture
Wang Zhenguo(China)
Study on Acupuncture combined with traditional Chinese Medicines in the treatment of tumor
Coffee break
preparing for closing ceremony
Closing Ceremony
Emerald Room (EN)
Ioannis Dimitriou (Greece)
Fire Needling
WangTianjun (UK)
Brain Acupuncture for Major Depression
Reginaldo Filho (Brazil)
Kan Li Method of Acupuncture for the treatment of Insomnia
Umberto Mazzanti(Italy)
AcuOsteo method™ Treatment of shoulder pain by Acupuncture and Osteopathy
Camille Elenne Egídio (Brazil)
Application of Chinese scalp acupuncture technique in the treatment of bradykinesia in patient with Parkinson’s disease: Case Study
coffee break
Gil Ton (Israel)
Clinical Effects Of Lasar Acupuncture For Facial Paralysis: A Summary Of Ongoing Clinical Trial
Portia Barnblatt (US)
Application of abdominal acupuncture combined with medical essential oil in the treatment of anxiety and depression
Fernanda Santos (Brazil)
Instant pain relief with intradermal needles on the ear
Hiroyuki Tsuru (Japan)
Acupuncture Anesthesia and Prostate Tumor Surgery
Lili Luzina-Chju (Russia)
Case report on application of acupuncture in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
Kamilla Luzina (Russia)
Ancient chinese methods as modern trends in beauty support
Xue Shaomin (Belgium)
Application of 'the Opening-closing-pivoting theory' on clinical Acupuncture
Mike Cummings (UK)
Acupuncture – a new classification based on mechanisms to guide research and practice
Markus Porcher (Germany)
How Bazi Suanming / Four Pillars can support acupuncture treatments
Felip Caudet (Spain)
Moxibustion Based on Palpation
Coffee break
Shen Huijun(UK)
Further Discussion on Phlegm Syndrome
G102 (CN/EN)
Chen Min (Germany)
Acupuncture and moxibustion in the treatment of habitual constipation
Liu Jin (Germany)
Comparison of the results of TCM acupuncture treatment in two groups of patinets with back pain
Tao Liling (Belgium)
Treatment of sequelae of breast cancer after operation and chemotherapy by acupuncture and moxibustion
Liu Lianhua (China)
A New idea of Acupuncture and moxibustion in treating difficult wounds of Lower extremities
Song Ran (China)
Clinical Application of Acupuncture Time Acupoints Space in Encephalopathy
coffee break
Long Mei (Netherlands)
An Introduction of Classic 5 Element Acupuncture and its present situation in China
Shu Wei (China)
Analysis of the prescription of holographic Acupuncture and moxibustion in the treatment of Depression
Juliana Tjandra (Indonesia)
Aesthetics Acupuncture:Why Can Wrinkle Appear and How to Prevent it
Cui Zhuoming (Australia)
New ideas for diagnosis and treatment of abdominal artery pulsation
Xia Linjun (Hungary)
Clinical Research on Essential Hypertension with Rotating & Shaking Acupuncture Needles Technique
Lin Shengqin (Taiwan, China)
Prevention and treatment of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases by Deep negative pressure drainage
Sun Peilin(Belgium)
Discussion on TCM Pathogenesis and acupuncture management of New coronavirus pneumonia
Coffee break

Parallel Forums

Legislation forum – Sep 25 – G105 (EN/CN)



Ramon Maria Calduch (Spain)

The need of an European regulation for the development of traditional and complementary integrative medicines


Yu Funian (Hungary)

Development of traditional Chinese Medicine and its legislation in Hungary


Stephen Birch (Netherlands)

Update on recommendations to use acupuncture by government, public health authorities, medical expert groups and patient advisory groups


Zheng Jianhua (Australia)

Legislation of traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia


Frederico Carvalho (Portugal)

Globalization of TCM: Can Portugal case start a domino effect in western countries?


Kalil Neves (Brazil)

TCM regulation in Brazil


Dong Hongguang (Switzerland)

Legislation of traditional Chinese Medicine in Switzerland


Harm Elsinga (Netherlands)

A vision of the legislation of traditional Chinese Medicine in the Netherlands


Dong Zhilin (Netherlands)

Current situation of Global Development of traditional Chinese Medicine



16.15-16.30 Coffee break
16.30-17.30 Open Discussion


Integrated medical treatment – Sep 26 – G104 (EN/CN)


Lu Shengchun (China)

Flat needle treatment of intractable medical diseases and gynecological diseases

Wang Yuling (China)

Technology and clinical application based on bioelectricity and meridian research

Li Zongmin (Thailand)

Iatrogenic injury and prevention

Du Ning (China)

Treatment of pain and thoracolumbar deformity due to compression fracture with bone and tendon nurishing methods

Zhong Wenjun (Germany)

Challenges and Perspectives of TCM Development in Europe


10.40-11.00 Coffee break

Fu Xueli (US)

Application of Qi in Integrated Medicine: Qi Acupuncture and Yang Taiji’s Internal power Exercises

Kitsugi Wakao (Japan)

Freehand Cosmetic Surgery and Plant Stem Cells

Zhao Min (Germany)

Clinic Application with Dietetics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tang Tiejun (UK)

Clinical application and research progress of Chinese medical herb Wuzhaolong

Zhou Caisheng (China)

Acupuncture treatment of Cervical and Lumbar Disc Herniation

Yang Bo (UK)

Acupuncture-Hypnotherapy and mental disorder: based on spatiotemporal pulse diagnostic


13.00-14.00 Lunch



15.20-15.40 Coffee break


TCM Education Forum – Sep 25 – G106 (EN)


Yang Yifan (Netherlands)

To teach and to learn TCM in the west – The features and the methodology

Tian Li (Switzerland)

Experience of teaching TCM materia medica and formulas at the same time in switzerland

Wang Weixiang (Netherlands)

Therapeutic effects only stem from a high-quality education- About the necessity and urgency of high educational criteria for Chinese medicine and Acupuncture in oversea countries

Regina Schwanitz (Germany)

Biorhythm in sports and TCM organ clock

Seoyoung Kim (Republic of Korea)

Scientific evidence of effect of acupuncture on the treatment of obesity

15.40-16.00 Coffee break

Wu Bingjiang (Canada)

The Research of Inheritance Acupuncture Techniques and Doctrine

Bernadette Ward (Ireland)

Holism, the Tao, the basic of Chinese Medicine

Koosnadi Saputra (Indonesia)

Acupuncture Research Laboratory in Health Services

Siti Sukrisno (Netherlands)

Combination of classical and modern acupuncture Treatment is the perspective solution for the nociceptive pain of the myofascial trigger-points (tender-points or the ‘Ashi’-points)


TCM health management – Sep 25 – G107 (EN)


Zheng Qiming (Philippines)

Application of TCM health management in TCM practice

Robin Kerr (New Zealand)

Adapting the way we practice to increase connectivity between practitioners, communities, and health systems

Olga Silva (Portugal)

Opportunities for TCM Herbal Products in Portuguese Speaking Countries

Zhu Youping (Netherlands)

EU traditional herbal medicinal products registration and globalization of Chinese herbal products

Deidre Courtney (Ireland)

Yang Sheng in the 21st Century – Food as the Original Medicine


15.40-16.00 Coffee break

Gerd Ohmstede (Germany)

European answers for the challenges of TCM

Michelle Lau ( US )

A new approach establishment for prosperity of oversea Acupuncture and TCM profession


Gynecological clinic – Sep 26 – G103 (EN)

  30mins per person

Xing Mei (UK)

Exploring infertility treatment strategies by understanding women’s physiological characteristics in TCM

Zhao Liqin (UK)

Discussion on TCM Treatment Strategies in Supporting IVF

Jessica Noll (Germany)

Acupuncture treatment of Infertility


10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Tang Shulan (UK)

Regulating Heart Kidney Uterus Reproductive Axle on Conceiving

Martine Cornelissen (Netherlands)

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels and the creation of Life: Treatment strategies for Infertility

Ineke van den Berg (Netherlands)

Safety issues and (cost)effectiveness of moxa and acupuncture-type interventions to correct breech presentation



TCM standardization- Sep 25 -G109 (EN)

  30mins per person

Wang Jingjing (China)

Introduction to the Draft of General Provision of International Technical Specification of Acupuncture-Moxibustion

Hu Jing (China)

Introduction to the Draft of International Clinical Practice Guidelines of Acupuncture-Moxibustion: migraine

Wang Fulin (Canada)

Considerations of the methodology in acupuncture research: a TCM-relevant research methodology is required

Liu Wei (Germany)

International Promotion of acupuncture and moxibustion needs a standardization

15.30-15.45 Coffee break

Workshop- Sep 26- G001


Shi Baoshun (Netherlands)

Chinese Medicine Traditional Orthopedic Treatment Manipulations for neck, shoulder and lower back pain

Chen Chunxin (Spain)

Treatment of difficult and complicated Diseases in Europe by Acupuncture Time Acupoints Space


11.00-11.20 Coffee break

Tian Yan (China)

Unique in Chinese medicine: Pediatric massage

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Wu Jidong (UK)

Quickly relieve head and neck pain with floating needles



Taiji Training – Europa

Sep 25 14.00-17.00

Sep 26



Fu Xueli (US): yang taichi and Internal power push hands

Cheng Lijun (Germany): Chansi Gong of Taiji Quan

Xie Yuhong (UK): Shaolin Inner Strength One Finger Meditation Qi Gong

Sun Luxia (Netherlands):  Internal practice of Taoism


Sep 26  9.00-13.00 – G106

The Fourth Session of the Ninth Executive Committee of WFAS


Sep 26  14.00-16.00 – G106

Board meeting of World TCM Forum


Sep 26  9.00-16.00 – G110

2020 working meeting of the Standard working Committee of WFAS