WFAS 2020 International Symposium on Acupuncture-Moxibustion

25-26 September, 2020 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands


World Federation of Acupuncture-MoxibustionSocieties(WFAS)

World Federation of Acupuncture-MoxibustionSocieties(WFAS) , established in 1987, with the support of the Chinese government and under the guidance of the World Health Organization,  is an international Chinese medical and acupuncture society. It is headquartered in Beijing, China, and has 226 member societies from 60 countries/regions. WFAS was accepted as A Liaison to the Technical Committee on Traditional Chinese Medicine of International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC249). During the past 3 decades, WFAS combined the new situation and new requirements of acupuncture development, focusing on key tasks such as academic development, international cooperation and communication, scientific research and innovation, and organized more then 40 World Acupuncture Academic Conferences and International Acupuncture-Moxibustion Symposiums, which greatly promoted the development of acupuncture academics, and built a comprehensive work pattern of academic communication, education and training, standard setting, and examinations, promoting acupuncture-Moxibustion to better integrate with the medical systems of countries around the world. It has been playing an important role in promoting health, and making a positive contribution to build.

China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Located in Beijing, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS) was established in 1955 and previously named as China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CATCM). It is a national comprehensive institution for scientific research, clinical medicine and medical education on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which is directly under the leadership of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM), PRC. 

Hosting organizations

Dutch Acupuncture Association (NVA)

Branch organization for ca.1000 professionals with (para-) medical education. NVA represents her members and promotes acupuncture and TCM in general with high quality standards of education and professional practice. NVA pays attention to both tradition and scientific approach.

Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine Zhong (NVTCG Zhong)

The Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine Zhong functions as an umbrella organisation for TCM-disciplines: Zhong represents acupuncturists, herbalists, tuina-therapists, shiatsu-therapists and therapists who practice Qigong. The goal of Zhong is to promote TCM by way of high quality standards. All Zhong members hold a higher professional education degree (minimum HBO) in TCM.

Zhong has approximately 1000 members most of whom are acupuncturists. Zhong is proud of the way it overarches the various disciplines and this will remain its essence, whilst at the same time every individual TCM-discipline is of equal importance to the organisation.



TCMned is a professional association that originated from a community of TCM therapists in the Netherlands. Members of TCMned hold a university degree or a similar level of higher professional education (HBO) in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). All therapists hold a diploma of basic medical knowledge (MBK) which is in accordance with the PLATO standards of the Netherlands.

Therapists offer one or more of the following TCM treatments: acupuncture, tuina, cupping and prescribing Chinese herbs. The concept of TCMned is to preserve the origins of traditional Chinese medicine and at the same time to follow up and integrate the newest developments of Chinese medicine from the TCM universities in China.

Supporting organizations

Pan-European Federation of TCM Societies (PEFOTS)

The Pan-European Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Societies was established on 29 September 2001 in Amsterdam. About 150 guests and delegates from 18 European countries were present at the launching ceremony. PEFOTS represents TCM organizations in European countries. PEFOTS aims to promote cooperation between TCM organizations and practitioners in Europe, establish contacts with EU as well as EU member states health authorities.

PEFOTS mission is to promote and encourage cooperation between TCM organizations and practitioners across Europe. Developing and promoting a knowledge and understanding of Chinese Medicine within the European Union and member states remains a primary goal of the PEFOTS board and membership. 

European TCM Association (ETCMA)

The European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA) is an umbrella organisation for professional associations that represent different fields within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our main purpose is to promote the wider recognition and acceptance of TCM therapies by European governments and the public. The ETCMA counts 31 members which represent 21 countries and 14.000 practitioners.

Register Professionals Complementary Care ( RBCZ)

The foundation ‘Register Professionals Complementary Care’ (abbreviated RBCZ) is an organization that promotes free and accessible health care, where quality of life and getting better are central, with sincere attention for the client.

To that end, RBCZ works on the stimulation and assurance of the quality of the professional in complementary care, so that a client is treated in an honest, responsible and safe manner.

China Association of Chinese Medicine

The China Association of Chinese Medicine is the earliest and largest academic organization of traditional Chinese medicine in China.  It is a national, academic and non-profit social organization formed voluntarily and registered in accordance with the law by the national traditional Chinese medicine science and technology workers and management workers and units involved in the treatments, education, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation, healthcare, production, management around traditional Chinese medicine.